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The more highly educated people are, the more they pay attention to their own quality of life

The more they read, the higher the educational background, the higher the level of thinking. They have seen a wider world through reading and learning. In addition to having children and caring for children, their lives have richer choices to enrich their choices. At the same time, people who read more, pay more attention to their own value and quality of life. They need a lot of time and energy to enrich their lives and live their lives well, but blindly giving birth will take up their own time. Therefore, it is often said that the more highly educated, the more refined and self-interested.


Almost all the four or five children around me on the Internet are families in remote areas, who have not gone to school, and have poor financial conditions. By my side, the proportion of children in rural areas is much higher than that in urban areas. The difference in education and economy between the two is obvious to all. And those couples with high academic qualifications and high-levels generally do not give birth after one child, and they are basically unwilling to have a second child, let alone a third child. How to teach phonics at home.

It stands to reason that they are financially capable, have money, leisure and time, and have the resources and learning to educate their children, and they have sufficient conditions to have children. Those with poor conditions and no education should be cautious about giving birth to children, so I find it very strange. The strange phenomenon of society: the higher the degree, the less willing to have children, the lower the degree, the more willing to have children.