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This is how children with high EQ are trained

A parent who has just moved to the United States asked me: I feel that American children do not spend a lot of time in science and culture classes a day in school. Compared with the full curriculum in China, they are really relaxed. Then those who are in school are not there. What are they studying during the real class time?

In fact, in American schools, especially kindergartens and elementary schools, children spend a lot of time learning Social Skills. When children grow up, we often find that the learning of these social skills is the most important lesson in their lives.

Today we will talk about how some social skills are taught to students in American classrooms.


The establishment of agreement rules (Rules)

In fact, American teachers prefer to call these rules: Essential Agreements (agreements), because these agreements are not what I tell you to do, but a contract that we discuss together and we all agree to abide by.

After the agreement is confirmed, the children will sign or press their fingerprints on it, and then we will put it in a conspicuous place to remind everyone at any time. Sometimes the teacher will deliberately make some behaviors that violate the agreement, and the children will also be very active in correcting the French activity for kids.